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The mission of A.N.E.B.A. is to be proactive in every possible way to live up to it’s name in being: “A NEIGHBORHOOD ENVIRONMENT BETTERMENT AGENCY.”  We will embrace every opportunity to assist in elevating the quality of life for every resident in the city of Cleveland Ohio—surrounding communities, and beyond.  We whole-heartedly embrace the offer extended by Jesus Christ, and consider it an honor and privilege to be  “Agents” committed to the task of helping “The Abundant Life,” offered my Christ; to become a reality in the lives of all we have the privilege to serve.   


Gavel Club

 All ANEBA Agents will be active in The Gavel Club. The youth division of the International Toastmasters Club.  As members, they will learn how to speak with confidence, and clarity, as they share with others what it means to be an A.N.E.B.A. Agent! 


"I pledge, with the help of God to: "Change The way I think about where I live!  I also pledge to encourage my friends to also change their minds about where WE live! So, Help me God!

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